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The old routine where you turn on the radio and sip some coffee is a habit that will remain for generations. Among the massive crowd of people who look forward to TV shows, there is at least one individual who has the old habit of turning on the radio. This is why they are prevalent, and new shows have been coming from time to time. So, this very unique demand can be analysed to bring out some of the most listened to radio programs in this day and time. Hence, here is a list.

1. The Rush Limbaugh Show

Rush Limbaugh is one of the most famous names in entertainment, and there is a particular reason behind that. The Rush Limbaugh Show is a program that is widely listened to, as he has things to offer for viewers. People always look forward towards the show, and it has also been successful in generating over 13.25 million views. Prominent political figures, various other guests and their chemistry with the host are some of the main reasons why those figures keep increasing. The unique format that he follows remains as the backbone.

2. The Sean Hannity Show

Cumulus Media Networks and Premiere Radio networks are responsible for bringing this show into existence. The Sean Hannity Show is an afternoon show that has fetched over 12.5 million listeners. Its main topic deals with politics and various other branches that is sure to engage listeners to a large extent. The running commentary format is well appreciated, and its strong viewership clearly shows the kind of fame and popularity that it enjoys.

Morning Edition

3. Morning Edition

When you think about a radio show that airs between 5 am to 9 am, then you might wonder about its popularity. But your perspective will change, once you read the figures and how it drastically improves over time. Although the actual showruns for two hours, it carries on with updates that go till noon. Stories that connect topics such as science, sports and politics are its areas of focus. Around three individuals have hosted the show and have been successful in making what it is.

4. All Things Considered

Broadcasted by National Public Radio (NPR), All Things Considered, is a radio talk show that mixes news with certain talk show elements. This unique format made ways for the channel and increased the number of followers to a large extent. The amount of awards that the show has received is another indication about the kind elements that this show generates. Started in around 1971, the talk show has broken boundaries and come strong in terms of competition. Hence, these are the ideal four shows that not only has followers but also promotes quality content.

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